Your Plan - Get Started

What Should Wallace Do? What Should You Do?

The Land Buy-Back Program has a long history. Now it is your turn to make important decisions. 

Remember, if you decide to sell your land, funds from the sale are deposited into your IIM account. You have several choices about what to do with the funds:

  • Check: You can ask for a paper check.
  • Direct Deposit: You can deposit the funds in an existing bank account using direct deposit.  
  • Chase Debit Card: You can have the funds placed on a Chase debit card.
  • Leave It: Or, you can just have the funds held within the IIM account, which is a good savings vehicle if you want to take some time to decide what to do with your money. 

Each option should be carefully considered and you should be aware that the sale is not final until you receive a confirmation from BIA AC that the sale has been approved (up to 60 days from when you return the offer package).

If you decide to sell, have a plan for that money. You could… 

Are you ready to Learn more? You can also use this worksheet to think through your goals and your plan. 


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