About $pending Frenzy

The $pending Frenzy workshop helps people learn how to budget, save and manage money. This interactive workshop works with all ages and provides a dynamic, fun learning tool. In the workshop, participants are given $40,000 in fake money and are asked to make decisions about purchasing a car, a house, groceries, and other items.   Participants have to choose between “wants” and “needs” and stick to a budget. Students can practice visiting a bank to cash their check and deposit a share of their money into savings, and are also given the opportunity to learn about investing a portion of their money.

The workshop works well for youth who are about to receive a minor’s trust payment, but also works well with high school students, summer youth program participants, and adults.  


Surveys from $pending Frenzy events held in Native communities across the U.S. found that over 90% of participants found the event useful and believed they could use the information from the event to assist them in managing their money.  

All-in-One $pending Frenzy Kits for Purchase

First Nations Development Institute is very excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated $pending Frenzy workshop kit!  The kit comes with everything you need to host a successful workshop that will help people learn to budget, save, and make informed spending decisions. The kit includes all booth materials, a facilitator’s guide, stacks of play money, a professional bill counter, budgeting cards, $pending Frenzy merchandise and more!  The all-inclusive kit can be yours for $1,200, and shipping is included in the price. 

To place an order or to ask a question about the kit, please contact Ben Marks by phone at 540-371-5615 or email at  bmarks@firstnations.org




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