My Green

First Nations Development Institute launched the My Green campaign to help Native youth learn to manage their Minor’s Trust money. The main feature of the campaign is the My Green website at It features spokespeople – Native youth ages 17-23 – who present their stories about how they managed their Big Money. They share their lessons learned in several videos, and serve as guides throughout the different components of the website. The site contains several money tools that Native youth can use to learn how to better manage their payments, including a Big Money simulation game - the 18MoneyChallenge - that mirrors real-life spending decisions one must make. 


First Nations created the campaign and website in response to the growing demand to provide financial education to Native youth who are receiving a large lump sum of money. Studies have shown that Native youth have very low rates of financial literacy and are more likely to be “underbanked” - and Native youth who receive a large Minor’s Trust payment (sometimes amounting to $50,000 or more) are especially vulnerable to making poor financial decisions. 

To connect with My Green on social media, like the campaign on Facebook at MyGreenFNDI, or follow the effort on Twitter @mygreenfndi.

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